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Welcome to the Witches-Hovel

Witches-Hovel is a site dedicated to fans of Grendels Cave. It serves to be a place of information for new players and veterens alike. Our goal is to provide everyone with the basic knowledge they need to have in order to enjoy playing Grendels Cave!

Witches-Hovel News ...


For those of you familiar with the old site, you may have just discovered this site. We launched the archived Witches-Hovel site, which archives the world of Grendel's Cave.

Feel free to take a look around and get re-acquainted with the site, and the information.

Witch's Poem

Up and out of the ashes,
The Witches-Hovel rises!
Even though the site withered and died,
Up from the ashes, this new site rises!
— Witch - a new one —